Future plans

Rentoverview.com is still a beta-version and under constant development. Some of the projects that we are planning are:

Facebook integration

Further integration of Facebook will allow renters to get to know who are they renting to, to create more of a real community, as this creates confidence for people they are renting from. To also allows users to share the products they have rented, or are renting out.

Content scraping

Currently the products on our website have to be manually added, which is time consuming and limits the amount of new products we can feature on the website. We are looking into ways to automatically collect data from renting websites so the amount of categories can be increased more quickly. Still, we have to determine the product categories we want to add to our website. What are you looking to rent? If you have suggestions, please let us know.

Reservation calendar

The internet works 24 hours a day, whereas rental companies usually do not. With a reservation calendar, people want to book products can do so right away without contacting the rental company. The calendar can be synchronized to always show the available times.

Online payment

When people can pay for their reservation directly online, the client can direct commit to their reservation, further simplifying the renting process when the client comes by to collect the product. This feature also benefits the rental company, as the number of no-shows will be reduced and the rent locations do not have to deal with the payment anymore.

If you have any feedback on any of our plans or have any suggestions for other features, please let us know through our feedback form.


As a start-up, Rentoverview.com is under continuous development and looking for people to help, either financial or by helping to improve our services. Currently, Rentoverview.com is still looking for a designer who can lift the user experience to a higher level. Experience with web design and more specific HTML and CSS is required, but just as important is the motivation to help grow a company. If you are interested, drop us a line. If you have marketing, business or developing skills and are interested to join our team you are welcome to mail us too.


Rentoverview.com is a small start-up in the growing rental market. Additional funding can help the company grow quicker to become a profitable organization, and change the landscape of online renting. If you would like to know more about the investment option with Rentoverview.com, please contact us.