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Legal role Rentoverview.com
Rentoverview.com is a platform where renter and rentee are brought together. Rentoverview simplifies the rental process for both parties, but is not a party in any transaction, and therefore can not take any responsibility for any consequences of a transaction itself, even if it can be originated to information on Rentoverview.com. Both parties shall remain solely responsible to check information of the counterparty themselves.

Up-to-date information on the website
The information displayed on the website is collected by multiple users and can be managed by companies themselves. Rentoverview.com does everything it can to keep this information up-to-date as much as possible but can not guarantee it is. On the website you can make mention of information that appears to be outdated, so appropriate action can be taken.

Intellectual property
The information on the websites of Rentoverview.com is owned Rentoverview.com and may not be copied without permission. When information is transmitted to Rentoverview.com the intellectual property rights of this information are given to Rentoverview.com. When information is collected and taken from other websites the owner of the website is notified so that he/she can change (or entirely delete) the information him/herself if desired.

Protection of personal data
Rentoverview.com recognizes your privacy and ensures the protection of personal data. Therefore communication goes through the website, where contact information is not displayed unless it is indicated that this is desirable. Rentoverview.com will never sell or share personal information with third parties unless required by law. Rentoverview.com will never send unsolicited e-mail, only mail that results directly from actions on the website. The newsletter is optional and send maximally 4 times per year.

All prices on the website include VAT, unless specifically stated that it is not.

Genernal terms & conditions

On all services offered by Rentoverview and Roweb the general terms & conditions by ICT Office are applicable, filed with the Chamber of Commerce for the Central Netherlands under number 30174840. The follow modules apply:

These terms & conditions can be requested using the contact form and will be provided free of charge.