Why join?

To rent:

When you need something for only a short time, it makes sense to rent rather then buy. You don’t have the burdens that come with owning a product, like storage, maintenance, or initial investment. Question is: Where can you find the product I need close to me, and for a reasonable price?

Rentoverview.com helps you to find what you need. The site enables you to quickly find the products you need, close to where you need them, and allows you to compare prices. Also reviews left by previous clients can help you to find the exact product you need.

To rent out:

Because of the internet your potential market is now pretty much anyone who has internet access. But how can people that are looking for your products find you between hundreds of competitors?

Rentoverview.com enables you to reach a large group of consumers that are looking for rental products in a clear and transparent overview. The website is always online and provides a simple gateway to your company that is open 24 hours a day. In the near future you can have people make reservations even when your company is closed.